Home Timetable S170 - Meander to Deloraine schools

S170 - Meander to Deloraine schools

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Westbus bus no.55 delivers school students from Meander to Deloraine Primary & High Schools. Your driver is Trish.


Bus Stop Time (A.M.)
120 Sandy Lane, Meander 7:58 am
Corner Barbers Rd & Main Rd, Meander 8:05 am
218 Main Rd, Meander 8:07 am
166 Main Rd, Meander 8:08 am
115 Main Rd, Meander 8:09 am
51 Main Rd, Meander 8:11 am
35 Main Rd, Meander 8.12 am
25 Main Rd, Meander 8.14 am
494 Meander Rd, Meander - "One Tree" 8.27 am
218 Meander Rd, Meander "Stockers Creek" 8.30 am
14438 Highland Lakes Road 8.35 am
14495 Highland Lakes Road 8.36 am
Deloraine Primary School 8.41 am
Deloraine High School 8.42 am
Our Lady of Mercy 8.45 am


Bus Stop Time (P.M.)
Our Lady of Mercy 3.08 pm
Deloraine Primary School 3.11 pm
Deloraine High School 3.15 pm
14495 Highland Lakes Road 3.21 pm
14438 Highland Lakes Road 3.24 pm
218 Meander Rd, Meander "Stockers Creek" 3.28 pm
494 Meander Rd, Meander "One Tree" 3.32 pm
25 Main Rd, Meander 3.43 pm
35 Main Rd, Meander 3.45 pm
51 Main Rd, Meander 3.47 pm
115 Main Rd, Meander 3.49 pm
166 Main Rd, Meander 3.52 pm
218 Main Rd, Meander 3.54 pm
Cnr Barbers Road & Main Road, Meander 3.55 pm
120 Sandy Lane, Meander 4.02 pm

Driver - Trish

Do You Need A GreenCard ?

Parents with Concession Cards may be eligible for Free Passes for their children.  These students will need to have a Student Greencard For Free Travel on a fare paying bus.

Greencards are not required any longer for fare paying students.

Free Travel entitlements

If you are eligible or think you may be eligible for free travel, please visit Greencard Application.   Greencards with a large EXPIRY date printed on the reverse means the student has FREE travel.

Any full-time student who: is less than 18 years of age or turning 18 during the school year is eligible.